Thursday Sessions

Hilchos  Ribbis,  Unraveling the Complexities

R’ Dovid Grossman, Mr. Aharon Kaye, R’ Yisroel Reisman

Kosher Food and Kosher Conduct on the Road

R’ Sholem Fishbane, R’ Ariel Shoshan,  R’ Yehoshua Wender

Bringing out the Best in Yourself and in Your Loved Ones

Mrs. Roni Lichtman, Mrs. Sara Chana Radcliffe

Women in the Workplace: A session for women and post-seminary girls

Mrs. Esther Yona Friedman, Mrs. Sara Neuman, Rabbi Doniel Neustadt, Mrs. Elisheva Scheinberg, Mrs. Sari Sochaczewsky

Young Professionals: From the Real World to the “Real World”: Seamless Transition Out of Yeshiva

Rabbi Alexander Charlop, Mr. Nesanel Davis, Mr. Yonason Ghermezian, Rabbi Yosef Viener

Mechanchim: Providing a Sense of Clarity to our Talmidim

Dayan Yonason Abraham, Rabbi Shmuel Dishon, Rabbi Shuli Halpert

R’ Yisroel Reisman at Thursday Night Keynote

R’ Malkiel Kotler at Thursday Night Keynote

Chovas Adam B’olamo: A Straightforward  Conversation (for men)

Rabbi Yosef Elefant, Rabbi Binyomin Ahron Neuman

Honor Thy (Elderly) Father and  Mother: Contemporary  Dilemmas (Chayim Aruchim)

Rabbi Naphtali Burnstein, Rabbi  Shmuel Dishon, Rabbi Joshua  Marder, Rabbi Dovid Simkin

Full Thursday Night Keynote

Friday Sessions

Finding your Inner Askan #2 Outreach and Increach

Rabbi Aryeh Feigenbaum,  Rabbi Aharon Feldman, Rabbi Yehoshua Fromowitz, Rabbi Elazar Grunberger,  Rabbi Dovid Sukenik,  Rabbi Mordechai Yaroslawitz

Special  Session for High School Girls

Dayan Yonason Abraham, Rabbi Malkiel Kotler, Rabbi Uren Reich

Looking Good v Being Good  (for Women)

Mrs. Ayala Berney, Mrs. Adina Krausz,  Dr. Chani Tessler

Project Focus Revisited: Maintaining Clarity in the World of Technology (Part 1)

Rabbi Aaron Topper, Rabbi Ephraim  Goldman, Rabbi Yosef Elefant

Project Focus Revisited Part 2 (for men)

Rabbi Zalman Leib Eichenstein

Project Focus Revisited Part 2 (for Women)

Rabbi Shmuel Dishon

Motzei Shabbos Sessions

Complete Motzei Shabbos Keynote

Embracing the Challenge: Mental Health in our Community

R’ Elya Brudny, R’ Yehuda Cahan, R’ Yisroel Matzliach, R’ Shlomo Miller, R’ Shmuel Tenenbaum

R’ Shmuel Yehuda Levin at Keynote

R’ Yosef Elefant at Keynote

R’ Elya Brudny at Keynote

Dayan Yonason Abraham at Keynote

Sunday Sessions

Full Keynote Session:  Mitzuyanim Sham, What about here? Nurturing Excellence in Ourselves and our Children in 5779

R’ Yaakov Bender, R’ Nosson  Muller,  R’ Henoch Plotnik

Midwest Bais Horaah: Shailos from the Frontlines

R’ Moshe Kaufman, R’ Yisroel Langer

R’ Yaakov Bender at Sunday Keynote

Issues that can no Longer be Ignored

R’ Zev Cohen, Mr. Zvi Gluck, R’ Moshe Revah